Tree Inspections:
It can be hard to know exactly what
the best course of action is in tree
surgery, and so that’s where our tree
inspections come in.

We can assess everything from
diseases to dangerous fungi so you
know just how healthy a tree is and
what the potential course of remedial
action is.
Having been established for over 6 years, Wheatley Tree Care has gained the expertise to deal with all manner of jobs from the small
to quite challenging and complex.  We offer specialised services in all areas of tree care and namely these are:
  Seasonal Pruning & Shaping:
  Tree Felling:
We undertake professional tree
pruning and offer seasonal
maintenance services for all types of
trees which ultimately can help
improve tree health and ensures a
pleasing cosmetic appearance.
This process is the complete removal
of a tree right down to ground level.
Naturally tree felling is usually the last
resort, but when necessary Wheatley
Tree Care are able to fell or dismantle
trees safely and efficiently without
damaging the surrounding area.

This involves the careful lowering of
branches and timber often using
specialist equipment followed by the
complete removal of any debris.
  Crown Reduction:
This involves the reduction of both the
tree’s height and spread whilst
carefully retaining the trees natural
shape as best as possible.

The process of pruning back the ends
of branches helps reduce the crown to
a more compact size and the reduction
is often calculated as a percentage of
the original trees crown.

Tree crown reduction is a common
method used to maximize tree safety.
  Crown Lifting:
This is the removal of selective
branches often located very low down
in the trees canopy which may be
causing an obstruction, whether light
or access for vehicles and pedestrians. 
Wheatley Tree Care adopts this
practice to ensure a tree is maintained
at a specific height. The head of the
main branches are cut back to
promote a more bushy growth of
foliage which prevents them from
protruding too far out of their natural
allotted space. Often the maintained
height of traditional trees is
approximately 20-30 feet.

There are numerous positive benefits
in pollarding including better growth,
greater light passing through the
canopy, removal of obstructions
especially around electric wires and
  Tree Thinning:
This process involves the safe removal
of carefully chosen branches within the
tree canopy to allow light and wind to
travel through.

The natural shape of the tree is still
  Deadwood Removal:
  Felling and Stump Removal:
Often trees become riddled with
deadwood which not only prevents
growth and leads to a sub-standard
cosmetic appearance, but can also be
extremely dangerous due to the
increased potential of falling branches.

At Wheatley Tree Care we can advise
on deadwood removal and undertake
action safely ensuring a healthy tree.
This is the complete removal of a tree
including the stump which makes uses
of a specialist piece of equipment
called a Stump Grinder which uses a
rotating disk at high revolution turns
per second to chip away at the wood.

Only Tree Surgeons who are proficient
in stump grinding should undertake
this task and Wheatley Tree Care have
the expertise and have produced
excellent results over the years.
  Hedge Trimming:
This involves the reduction of height,
width and shaping of hedges
maximizing appearance and
controlling their growth which
happens at an extremely fast rate
during the summer months.

Wheatley Tree Care under take all
types of hedge cutting from small
garden hedges to large hedges using a
wide variety of specific equipment.
The results are pleasing and can be
easily maintained with regular
  Sale of Logs and Woodchip:
We often have logs for sale which are
suitable for use on log-burners as well
as woodchip which can be used to
make a great mulch or are ideal for
horse and animal bedding.

Please call Adam for details.
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Tree Services
Wheatley Tree Care provides arboriculture and tree surgeon services for domestic and commercial customers in the West Midlands
and surrounding areas at very reasonable and competitive prices. We undertake all types of works related to maintenance of trees,
gardens and plant life.

Tree surgery is best carried out periodically to ensure the life and perseveration of trees and to prevent disease and potential danger
to the surrounding people and property.  It is true that a robust maintenance programme will nearly always improve the life of the
trees and prevent them from decay and deadwood falling. Tree surgery services are the single and best solution to address all the
issues related to tree caring and pruning.